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We are a US-based company offering a wide range of translation, consultancy, research and linguistic services.

All of our services are requested and provided online, allowing easier and faster access worldwide.


Market, business or culture relevant assistance.


Online translation of any document in any language.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment advice from on-the-ground experience.

Language learning

Native speaker lessons in Arabic, English or French.


Relevant research services from foreign language sources.

Established in South Carolina in 2014, our sister company, E&R for Translation, is now operating in Cairo, Egypt, as of August 2015.

Earle Trott, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, transforms his years of expertise in the Middle East and North Africa into excellent services, focusing on languages, consultancy and risk assessments.

We are a registered US company operating under license #47-1910647 in Dalzell, South Carolina.

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We generally offer customised solutions, based on our customers’ needs, but we also offer regular services, including but not limited to:

Online document translation (any language)

We offer translation of all types of documents, including immigration, legal, social, literary, medical, business, financial, etc.

Cultural, market and business consultancy

We bring years of experience to the table, offering the best in consultancy, from business to markets and more.


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